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I accidentally followed an ignoramus. This dang Tumblr mobile app, I saw one of his ignorant posts & the disgust just came rushing back to me. His name is something kush, or kushtye, who cares. Every blog I follow I love & enjoy, just letting you cuties know! Happy Easter, et pour mes chers Canadien Joyeuse Pâques!

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"Surround yourself with positive souls and positive vibes come naturally. Your environment influences your experience. Make it a positive one."

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Sponsor: Craftsy

I want to thank Craftsy for sponsoring EatSleepDraw this week. They are offering an online Craftsy class giveaway to all EatSleepDraw followers—this week only!

Enter here now for your chance to win Mixed Media: Pen, Ink & Watercolor (a $39.99 value).

Are your illustrations not turning out as well as you’d hoped? Learn essential mixed media techniques to express your unique vision through line, color and texture for standout still lifes, portraits, landscapes and more. Get step-by-step guidance and all the answers you need directly from award-winning illustrator Matt Rota, in the convenience of your home. 

Enter to win!

One winner will be randomly selected on April 27th, 2014 at midnight MT. 

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Big Homie had to stunt 1 time. lol
Happy Easter. 


Big Homie had to stunt 1 time. lol

Happy Easter. 

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"Your life looks different because it’s filled with houses and husbands and kids, and mine looks the same, but I’m not. I’ve changed. I’m doing this alone. And that… that’s just as hard as what you’re doing. But I thought I would at least have you.

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"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

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Menswear Dog x Comodo Square

We are very proud to announce that our first international ad campaign is happening! Menswear Dog has teamed up with popular Korean brand Comodo Square to introduce their amazing new Spring/Summer 2014 Collection titled, “Scent Of A Man”. And what better way to help bring this concept to life than to get one of the sharpest noses in fashion to give his paw of approval. Be sure to check out their full collection over at www.comodo.co.kr.

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Work in progress ….


Work in progress ….

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